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  Dear Friend of Bethlehem, HAPPY NEW YEAR. The Mayor of Tainan City came to see us on the next to last day of last year with the news that he and some of his friends are giving us a total of 21 million NT. What a wonderful surprise for all of us. The Mayor donated 5 million NT and half of that was sent to us the next day. With these gifts we can now start our building, but we first need a building permit. We submitted a plan more than a month ago, and I understand that this will take time to get an answer. May your prayers help us in this matter. My health continues to improve, with my hemoglobin now up to 10.4. That is the highest it has been in a long time. Hopefully it will continue to improve and then I will no longer need the epogen shots that I have been getting every week. The shots cost 37,000 NT plus for a series of three shots. That is very expensive, but my Maryknoll community continues to pay the bill each time I submit one. Thank God o agreed to give us $150,000 US for our new building, again a wonderful gift. May God bless every one in your family with a Happy, Healthy and Holy New Year of the Lamb. Peace to all of you. .
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