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The Birth of the  Bethlehem  Foundation
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Dear Friend of Bethlehem,  

At the beginning of this month I will be going to Sri Lanka to attend the 22nd Asian Conference on Intellectual Disabilities.  I am an Honorary Member of the Executive Board.  Two years ago I failed to attend the conference in India as I forgot I needed a visa to go there.  I was at the airport in Kaohsiung ready to go, but was turned away due to the lack of a visa.  This time I was able to get a visa for Sri Lanka and will be happy to contribute my experience to the conference.  I will be back in Taiwan on the tenth of the month.   Please pray that everything will go well for me and for the conference.

      On the last day of September I attended the award ceremony for those who were granted large gifts from the Taiwan Lottery Co.  We got ten million NT given to the Love Hope Foundation for the erection of our new building.  Earlier in the month I was at the Tien Gung Temple in Tainan City where we were presented with gifts totaling 3.5 million NT.  This was thanks to the intervention of Mayor Lai who spoke up for us.  Again all the money went to the Love Hope Foundation for our building project   Both big gifts have brought us up to just over 80 million NT, still short of our goal.  Right now two contractors are willing to erect our building but each wants more than 100 million NT. I will keep you posted about the final arrangement. 

      May God bless you for your generosity. 




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