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The Birth of the  Bethlehem  Foundation
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words from the priest

  Dear Reader,

 Thank you very much for your gift to Bethlehem and also to the Love Hope

Foundation. Our building fund drive has passed the five million NT mark so far, and

more funds are coming in every day. My main concern now is that funds will go

into the building program and we will not have enough funds to keep Bethlehem

Foundation going. We need support for both programs. Please understand.

 One big gift came in recently from a donor who lives in Taipei, but whose home

is in Hsueh Jia. It was for one million NT. Wow. What a wonderful gift. Now all

we need is 87 gifts like that. We have to wait until our evaluation by the government

of our Social Welfare work and then we can have a ground breaking ceremony. The

evaluation will ta ke place on September 29 th. Our Kindergarten Program will also

be evaluated the following afternoon. So we will be busy.

 Our elevator is in, but we still need some time to add the amenities, such as

painting and tiling the structure and putting in a lightening rod. It is the tallest

structure on our property and we need to protect ourselves from lightening.

 In this issue of our Newsletter you will find a number of articles by our staff

members and the work they are doing to help our students . Thirty four of our

students have graduated and we have more than twenty others coming in to take their

places. More children will sign up in the coming weeks.

 Peace and best wishes to each one of you. We love you all. May God bless

you with good health and happiness in the coming months.
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